The Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Reconciliation and Peace was presented to Dr Bernard LaFayette, Jr. from Atlanta Georgia

novpic2The Award is presented in recognition of his work towards the promotion of peace reconciliation and justice locally and internationally in his capacity as a Civil Rights Activist. We recognize the important work that he has done over many years in promoting nonviolence. Under his leadership the American Civil rights movement blossomed. He worked with Rev Martin Luther King Jr. led the youth demonstrations in Nashville and later in Salma for the right to vote, earning him a term in prison. We further recognize his on-going work with youth all over the world and particularly in Columbia, The Middle East, South Asia, the Philippines , Nigeria, Soweto and other African countries promoting and training people in the use of nonviolent methodologies both as activists and service providers in the police services. He is honoured for his courage and the many sacrifices he made to attain liberation.

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