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Project Description

“You may never know what results come of your actions,
but if you do nothing, there will be no results”


This is a relatively new programme. Its aim is to build capacity among youth who are out of school and not economically active. Its focus is on empowerment, community engagement and nonviolence education.


• To enhance skills on conflict identification and nonviolent conflict resolution amongst youth and
young adults through leadership development.
• To promote youth empowerment through social entrepreneurship training and specific targeted interventions.
• To address key issues faced by young people through research and evaluation.

Project Details


December 18th, 2015


Early Childhood

Project Supervisor

Kanya Padayachee

Activities carried out in 2016-2017:

1.1 Streetwise

With the assistance of the Legal Resources Centre (LRC) a training programme on basic legal rights and responsibilities was held at the Phoenix Settlement on 30 January 2017, this day is referred to as Martyrs’ day because Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on the 30 January 1948. GDT observes this day with some activities and a prayer service.

The programme comprised of
• How to access the courts.
• Land and property rights.
• Water and access to water rights.
• Marriage and rights within marriage.

It was then capped with individual consultations in which individuals presented their cases to the lawyers.

1.2 Social Entrepreneurship training

How to become economically active and step out of the poverty trap is a concern for many in the PINK area where GDT work is concentrated. The training on Social Entrepreneurship and how to Start Your Own Business entails youth identifying something they can do as one solution to their economic self sufficiency. The training was undertaken between February and April 2017.
A total of 36 youth were trained. The plan is to follow up this initial training with a course in Leadership and Nonviolence in the second half of 2017.

1.3. Bhambayi Action Planning Meeting

This was held in November 2016 with community leaders to design an action plan for the community using participatory methodologies..