Vision, Mission,Aims and Programmes


To encouraging the creation of an egalitarian peaceful nonviolent world order. 


To promote Gandhian and other philosophies of nonviolence, sarvodaya (general upliftment of all), satyagraha ( nonviolent truth force to overcome adversity) and swadeshi ( build an egalitarian society through the participation, at local level, of all) and swaraj ( self government/control)  

 Aims and objects: 

Gandhi Development Trust was launched on the 19th August, 2002.

The Trust was created in memory of Mahatma Gandhi and has as its main short term objectives working in South Africa:

  • To build a spirit of Reconciliation among its diverse population in collaboration with other organisations
  • To help create a common nationhood
  • To create a culture of Peace and Non-violence through effective and appropriate programmes
  • To assist with the work of Development and Empowerment in collaboration with other organisations
  • To promote a deeper understanding of Democracy through outreach programmes
  • To promote Human Values
  • To promote learning from and about our History
  • To help to mobilise the community into a nonviolent movement to work for change

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