MAGI Awards

The Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Peace and Reconciliation(MAGI Awards) was created in memory of Mahatma Gandhi who began his socio-political life in South Africa and struggled ceaselessly for justice and for peace and reconciliation. The award was created in 2003 to mark the centenary of a newspaper, Indian Opinion, published in South Africa by Mahatma Gandhi.

Conflict in the world has become endemic. Conflicts situations from domestic level to inter-governmental level is on the increase. We have seen the dire consequences of these conflicts not only at the level of human tragedy but also at the level of environmental and global crises that we are facing today. The need for tolerance, love, respect and nonviolence are crucial to the survival of humankind in the next century.

Work done by leaders who have surpassed religion and ethnicity and have fought for democracy, peace and justice in the world are important and inspirational for the youth today. By honoring such leaders we will provide our local young leaders role models. The challenges faced by other countries and the methods used by powerful leaders to overcome their oppression are an inspiration for future generation of leaders. The loud and clear message of nonviolence in the face of dire adversity is projected by the lives of these icons of our times. We have chosen to honour the leaders who have chosen non violence and negotiation as their tools. GDT believes that the award should not merely be seen as an annual event that happens on an evening, but rather it is a catalyst for initiating nonviolence, ubuntu and nation building.

In addition to the MAGI awards further awards known as the Satyagraha Awards for outstanding community work are also presented to local people who have played an exceptional role in the community. Thiese awards link us to our local history and helps to raise awareness of the nature of work done by icons in our own communities and neighbourhoods.

The Award: The award comprises of a table top bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi seated and spinning to signify the importance of home industry for sustainable development and included with it is a scroll

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