During apartheid era was burnt down and occupied Partially restored in 2000.

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At present the site comprises of :

  1. The Kasturba Gandhi School: Run by the Government
  2. The Press Building: Partly occupied by the Tourism Department of the Durban City Council.
  3. Museum: The museum has a display on The seeds of Democracy depicting the many leaders of the struggle in this region and a route map.  It also houses a display on Kasturba Gandhi and the women’s struggle in South Africa.
  4. Kasturba Bhavan: A home built by Manilal Gandhi in 1945 designed by Herman Kallenbach and made of hand made blocks.  At present the building houses a Day Care Centre run by the Durban Association for the Aged.
  5. Savodaya Gandhiji’s home since 1904. It houses an exhibition on the transformation of Gandhiji, the various influences on his life and an exhibition on his influence on the International community.
  6. Creche: run privately  with  help from a Durban North Church group.  The place is cramped and not adequate for the children.  There are 4 containers donated by the church and one is being used by a sewing group.
  7. A Clinic occupied by the Bambayi Development organization who run a number of programmes financed by the Department of Social Development. They work with home based care givers and provide support to children in the area.  They also have services from a mobile health clinic and provide meals to the community.

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