How does one deal with Anger?

His holiness the Dalai Lama said we should always wait a moment before reacting. We just need that moment to cool off to get your thoughts together and the anger dissipates and your actions become carefully considered actions rather than anger driven actions.

While we speak of rapid response to issues of crime and violence, and yes there is justification in how you defend yourself or your loved ones, we know that the one moment of hesitation can mean life or death.

Yet not all situations are about life or death. In most instances on a daily basis it is about differing opinions, it is about lack of skills on the part of others which become a cause of irritation, it is about hopelessness driving us to become irritable with others; it is about rushing around and not coping with time management that leads us to become irritated; and it is about intolerance and prejudices that we secretly harbour that show up in moments of challenge on the roads in work places and in the home.

How do we deal with these moments of challenge? There are several ways. A very good way is to practice a few moments of meditation on a daily basis. Deep breaths and try to relax the brain driving out all thoughts, connecting with the soul. Just 1 minute two or three times a day. It can help you to master self control. Another important way is to practice self control by taking a vow to give up something you like for a short period e.g. one week, one month and so on. This helps you to become disciplined. You feel the urge to want but you resist and in that way you establish that you are the master and not your senses or urges that make you crave for things. At first it may make you feel irritated and angry and frustrated but as you practice it you will see the benefits of learning to discipline yourself.

So next time try waiting a moment and see the benefits!

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