Current Activities at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation

The Program on Negotiation (PON) is a university consortium dedicated to developing the theory and practice of negotiation and dispute resolution. Through research and other initiatives, PON encourages new thinking in negotiation theory, and provides a forum for the discussion of cutting-edge ideas. They offer comprehensive training to prepare students and professionals to assume leadership roles in the world community. Their faculty has taught thousands of executives from the public and private sectors to become better negotiators and more effective leaders. They strive to increase public awareness of successful negotiation processes and to connect the discussion of conflict resolution with current events and real-world contexts. Their website,, includes many resources and ways to connect to PON and each other, whether you are a faculty member, student, practitioner or a member of the public developing a budding interest in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution.

PON-sponsored programs include the following:
The Kelman Seminar Series on Negotiation, Conflict and the News Media
The 2007-2008 seminar focuses on exploring the relationship among government, news media, and the conflict resolution community in framing and responding to conflict. Topics include how conflict is framed and how that influences the escalation and de-escalation of conflict and the public understanding of various foreign policy issues.

The Dispute Resolution Forum
PON’s Dispute Resolution Forum (DRF) is an exciting place to gain new knowledge and to share information with colleagues in the field. The practitioner-oriented DRF is attended by ADR professionals, scholars and graduate students.

The PON Film Series
PON uses its Film Series to engage students, faculty and the public in rich discussions about a broad range of negotiation and conflict issues.

Student Interest Group Fireside Chats
The PON Fireside Chats provide a venue where PON faculty share with students their experiences of entering and working in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution, share findings from their current research, and encourage students to think innovatively about the field. For more information about PON’s programs, please e-mail Sarah Woodside at [email protected].

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