Good Morning  – we wud like to thank u for all the assistance in the registration  – The Salt March
was very well organized – and lots order.  our group from reservoir hills (8 ladies)  really enjoyed the walk.
looking forward to next years – tks again

Anu Pillay


Dear kidarji,
hi. I am leaving for INDIA on 1st of may 2010.Thanks so much for your kind cooperation in DURBAN.I am looking for some photographs of salt march of18th april 2010,if you can send it by mail then it would be nice.

With regards.

Sushant Kanungo



It was great to be part of this walk and I had managed to convince another 6 of my friends to join and they did.

However I feel I need to give u some feedback so the next one will be even better:

1.       The water tables were insufficient and poorly manned.  It may be better to have tables placed on both sides of the road.  It also makes things easier if the cool-drink is already poured and ready rather than waiting for so many people to descend on at one time and then try to get something to drink.  We could not get anything to drink in the first two tables.

2.       There were far too many incidents of halting the crowd and allowing everyone to regroup.  I understand there were traffic concerns but many stops were unwarranted and people were not walking competitively than this needed to be done.  This created a lot of frustration for the walkers.  I overheard many irate people saying that this was the last time they will do this walk.

3.       My most serious concern was that at the end of the march there was NO coke or even water!!!!  It was extremely hot, we were on the road since 6am and to finish at 12 and not to be able to get even some water is nothing but crazy and irresponsible.

4.       You could have also streamed lined the feeding.  Two or three people trying to serve/dish for over a 1000 people is inadequate.

I hope u appreciate my comments.  Feel free to give me feedback if you want to.

Many thanks

Dr. Indera Baijnath

Dear Mrs  Ela Gandhi ,

I tried calling you this morning but have had no luck in reaching you.

Thank you for your call yesterday. I must apologize for not being able to take it.

Yes, I was at the salt march yesterday with about ten of my members from the Andhra Youth Movement.  I did see you on your cell phone whilst I was walking and did not want to disturb you.

We were towards the bottom of North Coast Road when my sister developed severe leg muscle cramps and I was forced to abandon the walk and get her on the bus which took us straight to Battery Beach. I then took her home as she was tired and a bit dehydrated.  I was disappointed that I did not get to complete the walk, but my sister assured me that she would be 100% fit for next year. I am proud to say that the other members completed the race and they will no doubt show off their medals to me. We all received our tee shirts, and I must say they look great with my heroes on the front. I will no doubt treasure the shirt in the years to come and show it off with pride. The members of the Andhra Youth Movement enjoyed the march immensely, especially the comradeship shown amongst everybody and will definitely partake in the march next year as well.

I was very impressed with the set up at the Gandhi Settlement and the photos did tell a thousand words, but sadly the march started and I was dragged away. Does the Gandhi Settlement have a curator on duty to take the Andhra Youth Movement on a small tour. I am sure my members would enjoy this immensely.

Please could I have a meeting with you to personally invite you as a guest speaker for our monthly mass satsangh which would be held at the Andhra Cultural Centre at 92 Camper Drive in Havenside on the 23rd May 2009 at 4-6pm.

Best Regards,

Kumar Naidu

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