After two years programme and evaluation we planned to introduce a new methodology. We decided to identify ECD qualified experienced practitioners from 5 regions who had some skills training experience. After some visits to the areas 5 practitioners were identified who held positions in the regional executive committees and who had years of experience in this sector. ecd1
The agreement with them was that we would train them provide them with materials and skills to use our manuals and story books and then they have to identify at least 20 practitioners in their area and train them. We would pay them a stipend for the training they provide in the community. In this way this year we reach at least 100 practitioners and at an average of 40 children per practitioner we would be reaching 4000 children.
This also affords an opportunity for these practitioners to earn some money which would circulate in the local communities. This programme has proved to be very successful thus far.ecd2

These are pictures of a training programme held at the site where DUT drama students demonstrated how drama can be used to illustrate essential values. The students, the practitioners and the children enjoyed the session tremendously.


A similar partnership also exists with the sports department of DUT.