In the current stream of social problems that many people find themselves , the provision of social services within communities aiming to assist people recover from different types of trauma, plays a pivotal role. Abuse, neglect, abandonment, harassment and other transgressions of human rights have been a motivating factor in ensuring a response from different sectors of community to help those in need of protection, counseling, advice and assistance in various forms.

Providing a Platform

Everyday, people suffer at the hands of those who are in need of help themselves. Satyagraha plays a vital role in facilitating contact between various organisations and also providing a platform for the exchange of information through the articles it includes.
In the interests of helping and promoting a culture of helping, below is a list of useful service providers that you may access should the need arise.

Child Rights Centre
This is a referral, monitoring and advocacy organisation that is committed to establishing a sustainable children's rights culture in the context of human rights principles, by entrenching the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into the laws of the land, and into the fabric of society and human relations. The centre works towards this by, monitoring the situation of women and children, building the capacity of civil society and state through networking, training, information services and advice and referrals, as well as through, raising awareness, advocacy initiatives, facilitating a movement for children's rights and enabling Children's Participation.
Telephone Number: 031 3076075
Contact person: Noreen Ramsden
Address: 480 Smith Street, Durban

This organis promotes emotional wellness for both communities and individuals by providing a 24 hour telephone counseling service, face-to-face counseling, outreach work in various communities, life skills training, Rape counseling, HIV/AIDS counseling, Trauma Counseling and a Crisis Response Team.
National Crisis Number: 0861 322 322
Durban Crisis Line: 031 312 2323
Address: 38 Adrain Road, Stamfordhill, Durban

FAMSA (Family and Marriage Society of South Africa)
This organisation empowers people to build, reconstruct and maintain relationships. FAMSA is committed to basic human rights, openness, tolerance, respect, accessibility to all people and confidentiality. FAMSA is staffed by qualified social workers, specially trained in dealing with family problems and trauma, and offers counseling services to individuals, couples and groups. Education programmes are offered in communities, churches and schools which include: life skills for teenagers, marriage preparation, AIDS awareness, parenting, and family enrichment.
Chatsworth Contact: Mrs Govender
Telephone Number: 031 202 8987
Address: Department of Welfare, Chatsworth
Phoenix Contact: Shevasthie Harilall
Telephone Number: 031 507 8827
Address: 66 Pandora Street, Department of Welfare, Phoenix

Child and Family Welfare
This organisation is a non-profit community based organisation that has been at the forefront of families and children in distress offering many critical, and in some cases, life-saving services to children up to 12 years old and families. Some of the beneficiaries include HIV and AIDS babies, orphans, abandoned babies, victims of domestic violence, children in need and youth. Some of the programmes offered by the Society include, Child and Family Care, Poverty Alleviation and HIV and AIDS.
Chatsworth Telephone Number: 031 403 1256
Contact person: Ms S Moodley
Address: 10 Roseheights Rd, Arena Park, Chatsworth
Phoenix Telephone Number: 031 5003671

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