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Gandhi Development Trust

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Welcome to our website




 Gandhi Development Trust (GDT) promotes a culture of nonviolence through:


  1. organising conferences to discuss and debate important issues of policy, methodology, content of education and other critical issues on which it is necessary to have some common understanding and consensus
  2. providing non-violence training and tool-kit for learners and teachers
  3. organising the Mahatma Gandhi Salt March in which communities, learners educators and the public in general are mobilised to commit to non-violence (on the 3rd Sunday of April each year) International, national and local individuals and groups participate
  4. Remembering our heritage and our role models through the presentation of the Mahatma Gandhi International (MAGI)Awards and the Satyagraha awards for outstanding service
  5. promoting a Mahatma Gandhi Speech and Essay contest aimed at grade 7 and 10 learners annually on selected current topics
  6. Involving a range of people in debating and discussing issues of significance and promoting both robust discussions in small groups of ten and promoting the spirit of unity in diversity on the International Day of Non-violence (2/10)
  7. Promoting the spirit of volunteerism through organising a work programme on Mandela Day(18/7)
  8. Raising awareness of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi on the day of his martyrdom-(30/1)
  9. Raising awareness on the important role of the media in the world today and the responsibility carried by journalists through organising a Mahatma Gandhi media Lecture
  10. Organising various forums where Critical Discussions are held on current issues of concern
  11. Helping to produce a monthly newspaper and other media to promote the work, the research and the emerging ideas and issues
  12. Producing exhibitions on critical issues to raise awareness through visual means.


Gandhi: Non-Violence Is Superior To Violence Kings will always use their kingly weapons. To use force is bred in them. They want to command, but those who have to obey commands do not want guns and these are in a majority throughout the world. They have to learn either body force or soul force. Where they learn the former, both the rulers and the ruled become like so many madmen; but where they learn soul-force, the commands of the rulers do not go beyond the point of their swords, for true disregard unjust commands. Peasants have never been subdued by the sword, and never will be.

Salt March 2014 Countdown 6th April 2014